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It’s why you’re below.

But here’s a question– what can blogging do for you?

Well … right here’s what it has actually provided for me (see if any one of this appears interesting to you).

I was instructing at a senior high school but wished to be a professor.

Issue: I didn’t (and also I still do not) have a PhD. So, that can’t take place– right?

Well, I determined to begin a biology blog, where I can educate the material I would be teaching IF I were a professor.

Rapid forward two years …

I come to be a College Teacher in a doctoral program. Little ‘ol me– no PhD.

However I had something the other 20+ qualified applicants didn’t have. What?

A blog site. Yep, my blog landed me my desire job as a professor.

And then I quit that job 3 years later on to be a full time blogger. Why would certainly I leave my desire task?

I’ll tell you …

Blog writing!

You see– I enjoyed my task. However I knew there had to be extra. I was working NON-STOP (that’s the method it seemed).

My wife and also I had our very first kid (little Noah), and I hardly had ANY time to be with him (or her).


And also when I thought about where I would remain in 20 years if I proceeded down the typical course, I really did not like what I imagined.

Today, I blog, as well as I like it.

I have the ability to remain at home, produce material, and help tens of countless people throughout the globe, monthly!

I’m able to invest a great deal more time with my family.

Yet here’s the thing– it took A TON of work to obtain below.

That’s why this blog exists. You see, I understand that you have worth to show the globe.

But it’s so difficult to obtain discovered. Just how do you choose the ideal web content? Just how do you set your blog up the proper way? Just how do you obtain individuals to your blog site? Exactly how do you earn money?

Numerous questions …

However it’s ok. We have time to get to every one of that.

If you want beginning (or expanding) your blog site, you’re in the best location, and I’m right here to aid you.

All in all, I’m so glad you decided to visit my blog. This is the start of a great journey (and friendship).

Please feel free to engage with me through my content and on social media.

Let’s grow . . . together.

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