Polishing parquet: 4 tips to consider beforehand

Elements to be considered before polishing the floor
Polishing floors is a difficult task that is best left to a professional. The latter not only has the necessary expertise, but also the equipment that will enable him to provide quality work

Before publishing your ad, please consider the following four points:

-The evaluation of the public prosecutor’s office
-Verification of soil thickness
-Storage and cleaning of the part
-The choice of a finish

Tip 1: The evaluation of the public prosecutor’s office
Once you have identified the different characteristics of your floor, you can integrate them into your detailed ad on renovero.ch and receive offers that are easy to compare. First ask yourself the following questions:

When was your floor last polished? As a general rule, a floor should be polished about every 15 years, depending on wear and tear.
What was the original thickness of your park? Multilayer parquet and finished parquet are 2.5-6 mm thick. Solid wood can be up to 22 mm thick.
What is the condition of your floor? Does it have some small dents or scratches left by heels or is it badly damaged in places?

Tip 2: Checking the soil thickness
Before calling on a professional, you should check or measure the thickness of your floor.

With each polishing, your floor loses a layer of 0.5 mm thick.
As a general rule, a worker polishes three or four times.
Once the last polishing has been completed, your floor should remain 2 mm thick.
Depending on its thickness, your floor will therefore have to be treated once or several times.

Do you want to have the thickness of your floor checked? For this work too, you can ask for the help of an appropriate expert. The evaluation system of renovero.ch provides you with an overview of the various experts in the field.

Tip 3: Storing and cleaning the part
Before your floor can shine again, you must remove all the furniture from the room for several reasons:

The polisher must be able to reach all corners.
All baseboards must be removed.
Polishing produces a lot of dust, so it is better to protect your furniture.

Before writing an advertisement, check if you can make any preparations yourself. If you have specific questions about the preparations, add them to your announcement.

Tip 4: Choosing a finish
Polishing a floor is tedious, because several different polishing steps follow one another. To keep your floor smooth for a long time, it is then finished. There are two main forms of finishing:

Oil finish: The pores of the floor are waterproofed and coated with wax. They retain a very natural shine. They are not closed.
Since they remain open, however, your floor stains more easily.
Lacquer finish: A base coat is applied to close the pores of the floor and bring out the grain of the wood. The application of a lacquer then protects against stains.

This finish is slightly more common.
If you drop a heavy object, the floor can be recoated with oil or wax.

If the floor has been completely finished with lacquer, the polishing and finishing must be repeated.

Offers polishing of parquet flooring
By taking these points into account when you publish your ad here, you will get good offers that are easy to compare.

If you are concerned, it will also help you to discuss it better with the experts. You can then determine together what is best for you. Read more onĀ parquet floor polishing.