To SEO or Not to SEO: That is the Internet Writer’s Question

I worry about artistic integrity
I worry if art is losing its soul
The Internet shouts about the right SEOs
For the artist’s voice, this should never be a goal
An artist’s voice should never be compromised
It is a voice that counts on a passionate heart
From laughter to tears, we use words to invoke emotion
They might bring us together or tear us apart

But that is the danger of art in true form
It assaults our spirit; our very core
It moves us to think beyond our ordinary limits
It inspires our imaginations to reach further and soar

Often the artist’s words do not match
The terms that will get the most SEO hits
So, the question is do you stay true to your voice
Or re-write the work so the popular term fits?

Remember, that the soul of a writer
Has no choice; it needs its words to flow
And a writer who reaches one heart with genuine words
Feels the triumph that cannot come from any SEO